Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Absolut Week

Its been long since I went out. And last week was Party week! Haha its a time for me to blew up up in the sky in the garden some stim off. I got an invite from a long time collegehood friend Diyana, to watch her band SHH Band opening for Roosevelt in Laundry. Its quite a time since I was in Laundry. I think 2006 sets a personal record for me. Co-Organizing Insprationa Joni + Hujan+ Pure Vibracion. Thats was an experience. Well Laundry has an impact but they kinda tone down a bit. Maybe new Organizers came in. But the setup is still the same. We enjoyed all the performance. Shh Diam kinda look hurry and Kyoto Protokol was awesome yah. They really rockit. With some alt+blues+funk+rawk fusions. Then on Friday, Muna (Juice Mag) email us invites for Hanger Launch Party. Went there with my bro, limi n Jay. We had fun. Meeting old friends, catching up and meet new peeps. Its a relief to meet Muna, Ben the the other catcha peeps and most of all, free flow & delicous food yaw . Its really absolut week! Here are few of the damage pictures

Going up to Luna Bar

Get a copy of Hanger SS2010 issue

Our Table with city lights view

Vans+Reebok Fashion Show

Commentating the Fashion show with our new friend Mariana (Look at that empty glass & plate :P)

Our table guest Tatiana, Mariana & Effa i think

Friday, May 14, 2010

Never allow someone to be your
priority while allowing yourself to be their option

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy B'day my fren

Hey hey, happy birthday my fren. Its been a while but im a bit bz. Sorry... Its your birthday. I did sms you. I dont know if you ever received it. Maybe you ran out of credits, I dont know but its Your special day. Congrats. You were swarmed with gifts and wishes, thats good. Looks like the gift I baught you arent so Important afterall (I"ll pass it when i see ya.) You told me you are too tired with works nowdays. Yeah ok I understand. So see ya in a week or two (You said 1@2 weeks? Cant really recall) . I kinda miss you bestie. I miss our long talk session. You always know how to comfort me. Btw dont forget me on your first paycheck yah :

Dont forget to come and visit me when you are free :P

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It got me thinking

The Remedy of the Broken Heart & a Temp Replacement.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Went Craazzyyy

Here are me and my bro, letting out some steams and relaxing by buying SNEAKERSSSS hahahhaha its not healthy but its kinda back dates presents for My sister, my newborn nephew, my godparent's newborn child, my upcoming nephew birthday and also a treat for us :P here are the damages :

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kantoi Whatever

Semalam you call I, I tak answer,
Tak faham ker memang I dah tak suka,
Dari dulu I dah cuba nak break dengan you,
Tapi You Ugut Nak Tunjuk Video Itu,
Sudahlah Psiko ....Jangan ganggu,
You Pakai bomoh, You Ingat I tak tahu,
You memang selalu buat I....berbulu,
Nowonderlah mak I pon tak suka you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stop Hoping and Learn to Move On.

Karma, really. this word have been strucking my life for quite some time. But really, its not KARMA or whatever its means but its really me. Why on earth am I still waiting? Still put on hopes. Theres alot of thing shows me the reality. How other people treats me and still I hope they"ll change and treat me like a real human being with feelings. I'm fucked up with all the empty promises or the the lame excuses. Cause, theres a say "If you have the heart, you will always do it" But if you think im just another lame excuses, then Excuses, excuses & more excuses will came up. Sometimes I stayed away for a reason. Not giving myself hopes. Not to look pathetic. Chasing something that cant always be mine. At least My last treasure is my dignity. Gosh why cant I let go and move on? Looks like my journey finding a modern fairy tale will remain clueless. I just wanted to be love........