Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bounce on a flat ball

I faught hard, we I started to bounce back, then something will surely happen. I guess ive found the ideal team but seems people do envy us by offering my staff working with them. another dilemma...sigh

Monday, July 26, 2010

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

Im blurred. Puzzled and emotionally imbalanced. Its time for Godspeed!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday JUICE

Hey its Friday and its time to party again! This time its JUICE magazine anniversary party. Congrats JUICE on your 8th celebration. Theres a lot of massive activity going on where DJ Spins, bands performing and a fashion show by Mooks & Ripcurl, Thanks Muna & Kevin for inviting us. We were on the VIP list and hell, its a free flow galore by Chivas. The cocktail was extraordinary, man i wish i had more (Well im a cocktail type of person). And most important thing, my friend jay was selected as one finals for the best dress competition. Sadly he didnt won it. Or we might be heading to Hard Rock Cafe Penang. I have to kabut a bit early, well old people dont party like hell hahahhahaha........ and settledown with a big mac before sleeping. Gosh its making me more fatter. but i love the late night snacks....gosh

Spotted at (Bronx gangsta mode)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh Mama & Papa, I know I let you down again. Tears almost break as I wrote this. I felt all the suffering in this short past. I know we somehow we owe them. Not in money term but gratitude, and I know how keen you are to get a mummy daughter's type daughter in law. Who has the good education, good background & obidient. She is almost your dream daughter in law. And most important she is the sister of the man who has helped our family. You dont know how hard am I just to say "NO" and how to see the disappointment in your face. I know you did not force me, but I can feel the disappointment aura. As you have to face Paklong and all. I have tried to avoid getting into this mess, really. I been seeking for other alternative for you. I have been avoiding Paklong's house just to ignore them. I know how our family ties. In minutes it will be the most anticipating gossips in our family. Seriously cause I dont want you to felt guilty because of your son. I really ...............I dont know why, but everything is mess up. Its really messup this pass few days. I felt like driving down the river and drown. THE END!

Im not the perfect stranger

Im not perfect,
Sometimes I'll annoy you
or piss you off.
Sometimes I"ll say stupid stuff,
and take it back.
But I have tried to be a better friend.

P/s: Its your choice nk buat macam mane.Semua dah besar, boleh fikir. If you think Im wrong then Im sorry.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Persetankan semua

Lately im a bit cranky. Easily blew out and even heahache. but luckily i found something to ease me off. My new resolution was to start on my project bike. Unlucky me, i found the right frame, the right price but i cant afford it right now. Damn. when can i start my project.been researching on few indonesian and local fabricator, they are willing to do it but the juice must be right. $$$$$$ trembles again. Sigh gotta think fast to buy the bike first. Its awkward design cause I think the owner must be the "pak cik chopper" type. with the tiger stripes paint job. Dang! please pakcik. that was so 1990's hahahahahha......let me show your what the youth nowdays are into...

2010 Cafe racer. Its from European fabricator. Its sleek yet clsssic cafe racer look.

There you go! My dream bike. Owh I So can cum on you!

Chop chop & Chop! theres alot thing to do! Loose the paintjob, change the front end. Look for classic yet trendy wheelset. Exhaust system must be urgrade also, not to mention new tank, and cafe racer back end!

Whats up with the big fender and mud guard pakcik! Its disgusting. Gonna wipe all out!

P/s: I hope I can start on my bike project promto. Its been my primary school dream. Insyaallah I will start on ya.


I went out scrolling down my guestbook and found this. OMG I was so flattered. Someone out there care for me (Exaggerate). It makes me smile all day long. Whose d writer? Hurm remain unkown?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I blew out

Hey, Im sorry. I kinda had a rough week. Sorry again & didnt mean to dig all the past. I was kinda out of line. I dunno why im a bit cranky. You of all people I hope would understand what I have gone through. All this time I have been there for to support you as a friend. But sometimes im tired trying. I dont know If you ever would forgive me but hey, you know where to find me. If you choose to ignore me then I cant do anything. Good luck with your Room Hunting, Have fun with your new work & the most important thing; no more running.

"Somewhere, somehow & sometime you have to put a full stop in your life and start a new chapter"