Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey, I like You

I always felt unsecured, low self esteem and all the negative thinking when its about gurls. Im not that good especially in person. I have been interacting with y through BBM quite a while but when I saw you in person, I stunned. Wordless and try to be in my best behavior which is being quiet. I know I have to make a move. My heart was like, "say something la fucker" but my mouth kept on mumbling. Gosh lucky mamat and your friend kept on making jokes. I love the way you smile and I love it when you like G-shock. A girl with Gshock do turn me on. Gosh I wish I had the power to approach you. Damn.... Nerdy me! How I wish I was somebody else. Looks like I really sux in PR!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stop being hypocrite

Hello! Its 2010 for god sake. We are not in the 80's where computer are like humongous. Come on, dont play it like i'm a child. Everything about you is expose already. Fuck...all these while I was feed with lies and hypocritical statement. Its high time already. I do care, I think you are a better person and can be change. Stop lying, stop manipulating people and stop fucking around. How are you gonna find your soulmate? the right person when you yourself arent doing anything. Changes is good. I know its hard but the urges should be somewhere in your heart. I dont know if your heart has been blackened by all the things you have done all this year, I am not a saint. Im not a good Muslim but stop manipulating peoples and lying. You have lost almost all the people who love you. Do you want your family to hate you too?

Dont eva say that god has chosen your soulmate, so you can fuck around and waiting for him to come. Thats an immature bullshit. You have to search and pray that you meet your soulmate. Sigh ....Please..... stop bullshiting and stop lying. Bullshit aint worth it.

I dont think you are cursed and I dont think you can love someone.