Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should I know You

I was resting as a bad fever struck me. Sitting and laying made me more sicker. Was watching some tv programme and suddenly American Idol S10 teaser appear and steven tyler said something about looking for the best talent in america. This was my mother's reaction

Mama: Who is he?
Me: Steven Tyler
Mama: Should I know him?
Me: Duhhhh he's the god father of rock and roll mama!
Mama: Owh...

I grinned. You sure dont like rock music. Btw Liv tyler's hot scene on Armageddon kept on spinning in my head whenever i saw his father lol

Monday, January 24, 2011

I hope you are not her again

Hey you, I hope you are not another version of Miss Z. I had enough with her. Sigh

Friday, January 14, 2011


I received a text saying

"..I miss u..take care my dear.."

I was like WTH! I lost all my contacts and my bb went kaput. I cant recall who's number is it. Relied asking who and it was her! my 2010 crush lol. At least she made me smile all nite.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Life so unfair aite? When somebody is living the life but we in other hand is depressing! Some wise man advice me:

"Bare in my, god is almighty! Anything you gain they lost. Vice versa. So cant just mumbles life is unfair and god aint helping. Its the matter of time. Sometime, somehow & somewhere they will feel the "lost". Be grateful and convert your enviousness to a positive way which will make you work more harder."

Thanks. You gave me a good advice today.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Officially OLD

Today i'm officially 27 years old. A number that im never fond of. A number that has kept me depressed all ova a month b4 6/1/2011 came. Mama & papa celebrated my bithday earlier, cause my lil sister is still around that time. Had dinner and they baught me a gift that can get me to sleep tite at night. Thanks mama & papa. You alsways know what i need. But this year bithday was kinda dissaster. My phone broke down. I have zero-communication as the temp phone im using is kinda old skool! but i still can text n call. Alhamdulillah. I receive a wall comment from my bestie, Manlok asking me to hangout with him. Its quite some time since ive sat down with my school buddies, so ive planned to go to Zouk as our highschool mate Edz is performing at TimeoutKL stand up comedy thinggy. But bad news struck me. This guy baught my old car but doesnt change the ownership. and the bank havent receive any installment payment for 4 month already. now im facing legal issues. Damn you. Tricked again! manipulated again. Im stuck. Its not a goodstart for 2011. Sigh. But luckily when i open my FB there was hundreds of bday wish. It kinda made my day. Can get off the grin in my face as I replied almost all of the comments. Somehow people still care and think of me. Just im quite sad that theres a few people in my life that didnt wish me.....maybe because my phone was broken i dunno.....but like a wiseman told me. You cant think too much of the pass. You must go on. So im facing all the shitload. I cant run now. So be it!