Sunday, November 13, 2011

A day at the opera.

I had a bad month. Too many things happen and it almost took my breath away. But out of the bloom, Nedy fb chat me and say, do you want to see an orchestra? I said why not. never been to one, especially at MPO. So we went there and had the 2nd tier seating. The show was quite boring as they recap the history of classical Music back in 1780's with Bach' masterpiece. I almost fell asleep as the music is melancholic and soothing. But towards more modern piece like Mozart etc, it get more interesting. It was a musical theatrics as there are two caster who played the plot quite well (well they are mat salleh). Its quite entertaining & informative especially for kids. I like to this again. Maybe I shud go on their website and stalk their calender. Anyway they gave me day off my problems and work. thats a good thing, but its monday again. All the problems re-appear!