Monday, December 28, 2009

Generic Cameron Highland

Mama had bought a tree to be planted infront of our house (thailand apple nut or something). but theres no space to plant as all the area have been cemented. so went down to little cameron highland to buy some vases and soil. heheh theres a lot of places sell em around but I think this area gave me the ambient of cameron highland. Its calming, a bit breezy and I love the colourful scenery. Anyhow lets the picture do the talk. (Location: classified)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Down the memory lane

KL Sentral - Delayed 1110 hours

Its quite a time since I travel. Backpacking. I wanted to do this quite a time, but frankly Im too lazy nowdays (+financial restraint). I decided to go to my bestfriend wedding, Tokmat at his hometown in Bandar Baru Kedah. The first thing in mind is hanging out in Penang. Thats what in mind. The initial plan. RTW 9 coincidentally being in the same date. Arghh headache. I have to set up things first before heading to Kedah. Abang told me he"ll setup the booth with the boys and dont have to be worried. Well i had a dilemma, whether to travel by bus or train. After considering few pro and contra I decided to travel by train to butterworth. Arriving at KL Sentral ressurect my memories. The last time i hop on a train was to Butterworth, right after SPM. We had a class trip to penang. Backpacking and It was fun. Although the long journey by train quite bored us. 2009, im well prepared. I braiught 3 book to be ready. Hahaha........ I hangout at KL sentral 30mins before the train leaves. Suddenly Peje called. "Have you boarded? I just Arrive". "Nope" I replied. Then theres a announcement saying that the buffet coach is down and train is delayed for 45min. Crap. need to buy food! Peje came down. we had a talk and asked him to delegate the jobs cause I heard a bad news, limi bailed out cause he had some family thing. Thanks peje for keeping me occupied for few minutes. I hope on coach K4, old skool! but the aircon was damn freezing. Got out my sweater and a book that I songlap from the shop. Its a good caricature kinda book that elaborates about Malaysian History. As the train starts moving, I replied all the sms. Just unbar my phone. I receive an sms that make me happy (Smiled all along) I read half of the book untill ZzZzzzzzzzZzzzZZzz. Its 6am when I notice my alarm start buzzing my ear. Luckily i put up an alarm. We almost reach Butterworth. Called up my old friend Udin. Hopefully he could pick me up. Heehehehe its quite a time since i met him. He's my roomate in Uitm. I deary friend. Helped me alot. He is also my rempit partner and I always rempiting with him.

Down the memory lane

Udin pick me up few minutes after. I asked him wheres the best spot to had penang favorite roti cana? I'll bring u tp Kayu's Nasi Kandar first outlet. We had roti canai. "Pawa Punya" like my friends always says. Then we went down to his place. hang out a bit, catching up session. Hahaha we used to have good bonding. Thanks Udin for the hospitality. You are a good friend. (Gosh he owns a house already-When will I) Then Mat Building also an old friend join us and we went up driving to Kedah for Tokmat's reception. Fid also decided to join us as she is in Kulim and heading back to her hometown in Selama. It was quite a simple & lofi reception. And tokmat was kinda rushing to get things done . He asked his mom to gave us a special treat, Kari Kapla Ikan penang style. Hahahahaa gosh I dont know how to eat em. The dessert was handpicked fresh Rambutans from the nearby tree. Ate like a child. Hahahahaha here are the only pics I have with the broom :P

Newly wed

We went back and I decide to go home. To help my crew and meet HER. I took the next bus from Butterworth and tried to sleep to gain my energy. Seriously I cant. I read the remaining pages from the book untill the road starts to get wet with raindrops. Its a way for me to think straight. Half way, the bus was like a tortoise. I was restless. Hurm I sms her, and bad news struck me. Shes not going for RTW. I was devastated. Seriously I am. Hurm went straight to Bukit Jalil by train and meet abang and my crew. They are soaking wet! It was like a beach fest. Abang said the sale was not that good. And we decided to pack off. I help them packed and load all the things up to the pickup. Hurm double strike devastation. I shud have just hang around penang. Long Sighhhhh. But atleast I dont bailed out on my own crew. Long sighhhhh I wish I could just Sat by the beach and enjoy the sea breeze or just wondering around towns like Penang and visit the museums or something. again HOW I WISH!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sometimes I hope I Can Live in Fantasies

Sometimes living in fantasies are better than the reality. I wish I could just live in my dreams and fantasies forever. when you step into the reality, everything kinda suck. big time!! Ive posted how I felt this past few weeks in Sumpah Seranah Sinonim Sampah I felt so lonely sometimes and I do think a lot. Maybe thats why I end up devastated. A friend told me, "Why do you have to make things complicated. Why cant you cherish what we have now" That line just kept on running in my head for ages. Hurm sometimes I wish i Didn't know about Fizah's true colours. How she backstab me, mock me, insult me and worst used me. Atleast I have someone that cares for me, she always calls or text me. And even better video call to show her or asked about my whereabouts. Its good to have someone that cares for you. But yeah the reality do sucks. I discover that she's just using me cause she said Im into her and I would do anything for her. And even worst, she insulted me behind my back. Hurm I really wish I can turn back time and didnt meet her friends so that I could live in my own fantasies still. How I wish....

Its all derive from this conversation:

Mr X: Awat Hang nie. Dok melangut saja 2,3 menjak nie
Me: Xda la Mr X, banyak pikir.
MrX: Abang hang habaq ngan aku hang darah dok nek ja. Pi check doc blom
Me: Malaih ahh.....Sat g pi check suma penyakit dok ada. Insurance pon tarak.
MrX: Nie la mentaliti melayu........esok kalo dah kiok tengah jalan sapa susah. Aku jugak.
Me: Ye la2 Nanti aku pi la.....
MrX: Nanti hang 2, 10 tahun pon xtentu. Awat hang dok pikiaq pasai awek ka. Hangpa nie Hati Kama La
Me: Butoh hang.....Dah tua kot. Hang len la dah bertunang
MrX: Bertunang lagi pening kapla hang tau dak. Bayank masalah. Salah sikit gado. Itu la hang, dulu ade awek elok2 pi kejaq awek len.Tak bersyukur!
Me: Bukan kejaq, mmg xleh masuk. Hati dah tarak. Takkan nk buat menda terpaksa. Dayus aku.Dia pon xleh masuk ngan famili aku.
MrX: Dok kejaq awek sophisticated sgt. Carik awek yg boleh jaga hang ngan hormat mak bapak hang. Boleh masuk kapla ngan family hang.
Me: Itu yang susah 2..... Mak aku la nie dok sebut2 nk jodohkan ngan sepupu aku
MrX: Ha pi la.....cuba nasib. Mana tau
Me: Ukur Baju badan sendiri la MrX, hang tau la life aku cana.....bukan nk kata jahat tapi nakal sikit
MrX: Ya la. Xkan hang nak cari calon, dah kawen dok keluaq ngan jantan len. Sat g hang lagi merana
Me: Ahhhh aku malas nk pikiaq la. (Alasan ubah topik)
MrX: Aku nasihat ja.
Me: Tunggu dulu la, ada rezeki ada la. Takdak, dah sampai hightime aku ikut cakap mak bapak aku, so nnt kalo apa2 jadi depa xleh nak salahkan aku. sbb pilihan depa :P
MrX; Ada ka pikiaq mcm 2. Orang pikir nk kawen nie sampai mati.
Me: Quota ada 4 pa.
MrX: Ceh macam hang kaya.....
Me:Tunggu tahun depan. Aku malas dah nk pikiaq psl awek2 nie MrX, Aku dok tgk abang aku, punya la layan bek, nk bday nie, sanggup pi cari duit nk belikan handbag mahal2. Sat g, lepaih 2 kena hambat. Siap kena maki. Ye la kami ni xkaya. Gaji bukan puluh2 ribu. Pandang kami hina kot. Dah la gemok, xhensem
MrX: tu lagi 1, cari la calon bukan ke arah kebendaan. cari yang paham keadaan hang. sanggup susah senang. kalo sanggup senang ja wat pa. kalo cari calon tgk fizikal bek hang beli ja model mana2 kawen ngan dia. senang
Me: Hurm 2010 aku nk enjoy life, nk g backpacking around europe ka, australia ka, buat bobber aku etc. aku cam malas nk pikir pasal awek. aku nk try enjoy life aku. aku dok sembab kt sini padehal org len berseronok semua.

**Added few msg to the conversation**

P/S: Am I not ungrateful? Sigh.....................

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've become Avatar

Hectic with driving. i dont know why, today i always miss the junction and ends winding in a very long road or just U turning for the couple hundred times. Hurm met a friend and had dinner after a series of driving. damn i hate driving. i cant imagine how abang said he love the traffic as he can think while the traffic moves slowly. i guess every person has thier own way of stress relief but me, definitely NOT driving. I remembered I promised my lil sis to bring her for a movie, so rushed back home and pick her up. Went to my office to meet abang and miji. Miji decide to tag along as he hasn't watch it yet. We went to pickup the tix and spent time playing arcade games. Hahhahahahh its quite a time since we last played. We were like pumped up with adrenaline when playing Tekken 6 as we spent almost 20 bucks for the tokens ahhahahha. Then we q for the movie and seat was quite good. Rather than GSC at 1utama and midvalley. As Avatar starts, i notice something tangling on my wrist, its my watch. The watch literally broke. the iron strap break into pieces. My lil sis laugh at me. " You became Avatar" she said. I dont know, if this a sign or something. Its my fav watch and was given on a special day. I guess that was d best birthday present I ever had so I loved it so much. I never got any real birthday present from anyone except from my x-gf. I guess its a sign, a sign to let it go no matter how much I loved it. Sigh. No matter what I have to move on. Put in the gear and pump the gas so that I can move foward. Hopefully I can. Amin

p/s: Guys please give me a birthday present that I can remember and love so much (Finger Crossed)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sumpah Seranah Sinonim Sampah

Felt Neglected

Felt Unwanted

Felt Not Important

Felt Disgusting

Felt A Shame

Felt Unappreciated!

All these are feelings! Not Logic's. God, Please take this feelings away.

Saya ada kawan bernama Hafiz SB

Ini kawan saya, nama die hafiz sb, dulu mase sekolah ade 2 orang nama hafiz, so distinguis pakai nama bapak(SB=Saiful Bahari). saya pegi melawat die di hukm petang td, sedih saya tgk die, seorang yang xisap rokok, sportmens, kerja bagus dan badan yang maintain aja. Tp tiba2 allah bagi dugaan. Die diserang virus di otak menyebabkan darah beku di otak dan kemudian diserang mild stroke. Hurm namun dia kuat semangat dan dan ada perkembangan positif. Dah lepas fisio dan dah boleh duduk dikatil. Mak die pesan kat saya. Jgn tanya pasal penyakit die. Bagi semangat kt die senang pulih. Saya doakan semoga dia cepat sembuh. amin. Hang on there dude.!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Unconditional Love

Does this term make sense in my life? I dont know coz the feeling back then has returned. Im stuck in a life full of hatred. hatred towards myself, mylife and all the things i have. i cant stop thinking, seriously i cant. i decided to move on long time a go, but still in same spot as where i started. the first step i took was like changing into a reverse gear and pumping the gas hard untill you spin & spin backwards. Mama, i know u notice about me, but this time i cant talk bout it. Im ashame, I shud have channel this unconditional love towards you and papa. But I failed. Please forgive me.......................

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Badger Families - Two Down!

Joy of soon to be fathers!

Its the mating season so far. November and December are hectic with weddings. In our family, our bachelorhood have been amputate with our official photographer's wedding and now our creative directors wedding. the most eligible bachelor has been taken y"all. hahhahahahah so lazy to update but here are the Newlyweds happy moments. Congrats!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"32" keep Popping

Well if you follow my recent post, The Marriage Proposal. I was "asked" to get married by 32. Ironicly when I took this fb quiz, I was estimated to get married by the age, guess what? thirty freakin two again!! why the heck is this number kept popping in my life i dunno. but i guess it try to show me something. well i dont kinda believe in it but ..... i have to change somewhere or somehow. Or rather aged b4 meeting the right girl. oppppss the best part that i missed out is I"ll be shortly divorced. WTF? hahahhahahhah. This month a lot of my close friend is getting married. So I hope the best for you guys and I hope I"ll join you guys soon. Anyway I'm gonna be your children godfather hahahah. I hope I will not be the syaiton 1 hahahahhaha......... Isk2 Gadis Ayu dimanakah anda ketika ini?

Gadis Ayu

Today, as we were going to the office Our friend stop us and asked us to join him for a drink. We had a chit chat session and just the normal thing. As I was sipping my teh ais, theres a black myvi (BJAXXXX) parked near by us. Then few girls got out and went out tapau for nasi campur. There's one girl, very fair + the same height of me and wore pink baju kurung. Gosh she got my attention the 1st time we stared at each other. With a cute smile, she walk pass through me. Seriously I was drooling that time. Every pair of eyes was concentrated on her. Damn, that what i called love at first sight. I was tripping and amaze with her. No makeup or whatsoever but she looked so beautiful. I was struck into reality when my fren said "tutup mulut 2....tgk awek melopong" Damn i wish I had the courage to say Hi and asked her phone no. How I wish

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend yg sibuk

Hari jumaat yang memenatkan. Baru selesai memasang dan membuka mockup...aku xboleh tdo. walaupun lebih 2 hari xtdo. I dunno whats freaking wrong with me. Maybe im too exhausted and all my body ache like hell. I got some rest during friday prayers (tertdo mase org semayang isk2). Lepas 2 kami ke ke kedai menyelesaikan segala urusan yg perlu. Proposal kena check sbb byk yg xsiap. Aku endup buat proposal sampai kol 4. Haih xtdo g malam nie.

Masuk sabtu...aku bangun agak awal. siapkan proposal dan print out semua yang perlu. Selapas itu pergi jumpe si Luca mintak khidmat nasihat. Banyak jugak kena sekolah ngan si luca adoihh hurm kena restructure proposal. sementara 2, mama call ade kematian. dua pupu kami meninggal. kami agak rapat ngan famili ni sbb makcik maria nie katerer yang power. xsangka kejadian treler rempuh rumah die berulang lagi tapi lebih dramatik. Lori minyak rempuh rumah dia dan meletop. Dua dari anak2 makcik maria meninggal dunia (al-fatihah). Kesian aku dgr. Tp aku xsempat nk g kerana ada urusan. berikut adalah sedutan dari kejadian:

Rumah dirempuh lori tangki ketika mangsa sedang tidur - Dua beradik rentung
ANGGOTA bomba berusaha untuk memadamkan api setelah sebuah lori tangki minyak merempuh sebuah rumah di Jelebu semalam.

JELEBU - Dua beradik yang dipercayai sedang tidur, rentung apabila rumah mereka terbakar setelah dirempuh sebuah lori tangki minyak yang terbabas di Kampung Batu Ulu Klawang, Kilometer 18, Jalan Seremban-Jelebu di sini semalam.

Dua beradik itu ialah Anisah Hanapiah, 15, dan Mohd. Hafiz, 7. Turut terbunuh ialah pemandu lori tangki milik syarikat MISC Integrated Logistic Sdn. Bhd., Shamsul Kahar Bahudin (gambar), 36, yang berasal dari Melaka.

BEGINILAH keadaan rumah dan lori tangki yang hangus sama sekali di Kampung Batu Ulu Klawang, Jelebu.

that nite, we went out with some friends, to deal some business. the meet up point was in hard rock cafe. had dinner there (had tit bits coz i already had dinner) and stayed untill the live band session was on. in the meantime, well its chatting and discussing time with the big guns. well i just keep quite coz i felt so small hehe. when the live session started, damn the playlist was like an RnB club or something. Its irritate me. No wonder no more hardcore bikers hang around here. mostly there are some nerds bikers showing off thier new harley. damn no attitude.

Sunday. Well its jalan2 time. jalan2 ilang stress. senang sikit walaupun penat. asik dok pikir projek n kedai jek. just sakit ati sbb xde duit nk shop. Banyak barang yang menarik perhatian isk2. Malam 2 kami lepak makan sate di Satay station, Pandan. Mee Jawa & Sate yg power. Sehingga menjilat jari....Umpppphhh.... Well It is quite a bz weekend. Hope i can spend a weekend without any distraction and on a beach. Pangkor here I come!!! (finger crossed)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seniman Jalanan

Hidupnya tak tentu arah
Rambutnya kusut masai
Misai,janggutnya serabai
Baju, seluarnya koyak rabak
Terpampang kepayahan hidup di kaca matanya
Diteruskan jua hidupnya melayari setiap inci kotaraya
Membawa bersama-sama madah pujangga
Merentasi lautan mata-mata ganjil
Namun tidak dihiraukanya lirik-lirik jijik itu
Di dalam peti mindanya
Hanya terngiang-ngiang idea-idea baru
Adaptasi kehidupan seharianya
Berhenti sebentar dia
Ditengah keriuhan manusia
Melayang-layang didalam dunianya sendiri
Memikirkan norma-norma janggal
Diluar batas pemikiran normal
Hidup,mati,syurga, neraka, ketentuan, balasan.......
Poooooonnnnnn.......Woi Nak Mati Ke?
Hon rapidkl bergema
Tergetap bibirnya
Tersentak jantungnya
Undur dirinya beberapa langkah
Tersedar dia kembali
Di tengah-tengah realiti kehidupan
Namun diteruskan jua
Langkah-langkah longlai,
menongkah arus kotemporari
Sebagai seorang seniman jalanan

Aku lalu cm, nampak mamat nie busking rupa ala2 seniman negara. Aku pon teringat kt so called sajak yg aku buat nie. Hurm, maybe im too lazy to make a new entry so imposting from my old blog. This poem was influenced by a man called RAHMAT HARON. He looked like a homeless guys with his original dreadlock hair and his sloppy slackers appearance. But in other hand, he has few publish books. mostly poems etc. Well as old folks says, dont judge a book by its cover aite.

Rahmat Haron - A tribute to him, not about his ideology but how he carry his life and words around.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Marriage Proposal

Yesterday was my first day kt opis selepas bercuti (well 1 hari je kot cuti) Masuk2 opis dah macam2 masalah. aku berlari ke pavi sbb ade masalah. Naik penat aku ngan karenah site nie. Pening kapla aku. kejap nk ini, kejap nk itu. We have look for a better alternative to hang a 20footer banner. keliling aku berpusing sampai masuk segambut jumpe si Dickson (DO RE MI Sound&Light) Lepas 2 masalah masih xselesai. Aku balik call engineer aku, soh die design dulu and kami email kt client. Pening2, dlm pada aku dok termrnung, ade org call, no xdikenali. Aku jawab, "U kt mane? aku mcm blur (padehal mmg blur pon) "Off la" jawab aku. "I nk dtg kedai, nie tuut la" owh ightkan sape td. Maklumla...aku jarang nk angkat no xdikenali nie sbb collector2 bank selalu mengganggu hidup aku hahahahhaha. Aku lepak termenung mengenang nasib aku. kalo nk kira lebih baik dr orang len tp well time nie aku susah. nk buat cane. Tuut dtg bersama nuar, nuar nk beli baju katanya. Eleh padehal die pon same bershopping hahahahhahaha. lepas lepak2 chill2 and ada sesi catching up, we talked about her profile pic that created issue towards her x-bf and his so called gf. Hahaha but I admit, the picture was cool. We talked, and talked (Thats what best we did all this time) and then she said. "People are kind to me but I cant open up to them" I just nod and smile. and then comes the best part.

Tuut : I rase I akan membujang sampai tua la...
Me: Hahahahahha tgkla....mesti u kawen dulu.......
Tuut: Celah mane.......
Me: Nk bet sape kawen dulu?
Tuut: Kalo umur I 30 and xkawen lagi, jom kita kawen nk?
Me: OK (Tanpa segan silu dan banyak cakap.....cilaka tol boleh terauto plak). Tapi umur I dah tua la......Dah berapa ekk....
Tuut: Hurm u ngan I beza 2 tahun, so must be 32 la.....hahahha. Btolkan next year U umur 26 kan??
Me: Perghhh dah tua. Dah lebih suku abad dah.....(Ngeluh)
Tuut: Hahahahahhahaha.......Tp kita kawen If you are single la. I xmo jadi 2nd wife....
Me: Hahahahahahhaha (Ada niat jahat gak)

***Ade ayat penambah perisa sikit***

Well what is this called? Marrige proposal or verbal contract? Hahahahha P/s, comeon la. Give me a better timeline will u. Im not gonna wait till im 32 will I?Its too late maybe? Kalo i 28 ker, 30 ker ok la gak......nie dah tahap ade mid life crisis timeline diberi padaku hahahahahhahahahah

A Very Need Vacation But Short!

How I wish I could just run to an island and just sat there and enjoys the sunny bright sunshine. Sat under a coconut true and just enjoy the sea breeze. But It always just A dream. I remember how I was in Langkawi for meeting last year. I had a meeting in Kangar and I spent the night at Langkawi. Heheheh mengular. Alang2 bos bayar. I was there at the resort all alone and I did enjoy my vacation. I slept by the beach for hours and went around walking around Langkawi all alone. Hahaha nice scenery. but yesterday I had my share a bit yesterday. Although it was short, but it was very well needed. We shut down our store just to congratulate our photographer Mr Rafuyel, as he is now officially a husband.

After that onn asked us to hang around by the beach in telok batik. we went there and abang was kinda have a crazy idea, to dive in. Onn and limi decided not to but me, abg and peje swam like we had never took a shower hahahhaha...kitaorg decide nak naik banana boat. Selamba naik 3 orang. macam biase kami jadi batak kejap. Hahahaha peje dok henjut2 banana boat apa lagi sy pon henjut la. sampai drebar boat tercabar kelelakian dan membawa bot lebih laju. kami layan die, layan layur lap kaw. dan kami dibuang macam haram diakhir perjalanan. sampai pembantu drebar boat ckp. "Lap paling cantik la korang" hahahahahha semua bekas2 mat rempit. mane xnya. janji boleh lap. tp kami pancit ok. lama xberenang. the wheather was quit hot and the water was ok. so ade kami kesah? belasah je mandi.

Stop for 1 hr ++ just to have a lil break minum ayaq sat. Lepas 2 sambung bersama boya. relaxation time for us. relax sambil di bawa arus. Kemudian kami bersiap dan melawat ahli2 persatuan bundle2 bersatu dan pergi dinner di Steamboat plg lofi di Setiawan. Hahahha kalo mak2 mmg xberani masuk la tempat nie. Tp ade kami kesah. Dah lapo berenang, makan steamboat plak....perghhh heaven. Kami tidak dpt lepak lama, just kejap bersama kawan2 terchenta tetapi tetap bermakna. Dan kemudian balik meneruskan perjalanan ke KL. Its a very needed vacation but too short. I wish Its holiday everyday :P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its True

Founded this quote in my old blog, and for all this time its still apply to me.

"There are times when I cant decide whether to see you or not, I want to see you because I miss you but there are times when I don't want to see you because every time I do, the fact that you don't see me the way that I see you hurts me even more ..."

So I guess I really need move on although its been hard and frustrating. Well I just wanna wait for early 2010 and see the outcome.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Curse 2.0

Im in the middle of hell
Darkness seems to over throne my heart
Seems theres no sunlight for tomorrow
As the dark sky marched into

Dark cloud filled the skies
But I was lucky
As I walked into the empty valley
Theres a sparkling of light
Penetrate through the darkness of my boxed life

A gleam of light
Emerge to drawn me out
From the world of sorrowness and isolation
And it had given me hope
To live the life I should be living
all this time.

God is almighty
He had send me a guidance
To guide me all the way
In breaking up the curse
You had cast on me

Image borrowed from pika's blog

This was a so called poem that I wrote when I was frustrated with this girl back in college. I was so into her but she rejected me coz im her second choice (FYI: selection base on physical & look ok!) hahahhah that was also the time I was so fucked up and that time It was semester break as I remember. Life's like living in a little, dark box. thats how frustrated i was back then. This time around I felt the same way. The difference is I have a lot of work to distract me of HER. Well I have promised myself that this blog wouldn't be a emotional blog as my previous one. But the words kept on spinning round and round my head. So I would like to share this to Nadiah. I hope it help.

(P/s: I did something i rather say bold, I drew lines at my head after a nice haircut. It resembles every scar of 2009. The longest lines shows that the wound is not heal yet. Well all in all, all the wounds are connected!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Experience ; Natrah

One day when I was hanging out with abby, suddenly she said, "I havent watch teater for quite a time. I nk g tgk Natrah la kt IB. Jom U" Soon after that I started to browse through. Tgk boleh lak book on9, just I xde kredit kad so kena la amik kt agent (Celaka kena charge extra rm10 plak). I sms her, "Be available on Wednesday nite" she replied "Kenape?" then dgn gatalnya aku reply "Surprise". Well I have wanted to watch a teater wayy back, but i was that oppurtunite. but kali nie belasah je la. On the D day plak, banyak plak hal yang belaku. Hurm aku ade technical meeting petang 2, and then ade orang nk amik keta la. 2 satu lagi hal. bye2 my lover. aku mmg sayang ngan keta 2. malah keta 2 keta 1st aku dan diamanah untuk aku jga. Soryy kawanku aku xmampu menjagamu lagi. After all the papers are signed and aku nampak mamat 2 lenjan xkereta aku....aku balik, rilek2 sampai mama sound. "kol bape ko nk g? kang jam xleh masuk" aku bergegas teros. sampai nkve. It was fucking jam....I was driving like crazy coz theres no way u can get in when the teater has started. went pickup abby and we all rush down to IB. the best thing is, the parking was awefooooolllll....hurm. drop abby and asked her to pickup the tix and I went down to park at outside. Well we were just in time for the show. nasib baik. Entry dr sofia jane sbg natrah versi tua, dem sungguh mendalam!! tp dragging lame sangat. Overall the show was ook. menarik even backdrop, pon power. just seleksi music and choreograph xsesuai sgt. set up 1950's tp lagu dan dance lagu dangsut+hindi+kotemporari dance. Jadi potong sikit mood aku. Konlik yang ditonjolkan menjadi and the drama part did move me. Erma pandai balancekan sentiment2 yg sensitif. salute to you. Well Its a first experience for me and its not fair for me to judge as im new. But It is a must watch teater. After that went dinner, it was almost 11 pm, and we are both with cranky mood for food. Went to satay station, had mee rebus and satay. Hahahaha and spent time gossiping untill they were closed down. Anyway below is pic of a rally of Natrah a.k.a Putih

I guess ppl are damn tired+religion sentiment with the colonials so It just a matter of any issue will trigger the riot etc

But anyhow maya karin is still the goddest.....Drooollllinngggg :P