Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hurm here's a crazy thing. Lets make a day trip to Bandung. Well tomorrow i will. 3pm to bandung and 6am fly off to Malaysia the other day. How pathethic is that. Well when you commit to something, you do what you have to do right. Sigh how I wish I"ll have a proper vacation and no one will bother me? How I Wish...

Monday, March 29, 2010


I dont know why lately things have never been in my side. troubles always meet me at the crucial time. My business is in jeopardy. Financial problems due to some neighbor who is envy with us and kept sending hocus pocus things to our shop. I tried to revive myself and let me think that's a challenge in my business, a lesson i should learn. Lesson that makes you aware that not all people are kind. Kind like we were. Me and my brother tried to make friends with all the neighbor but then this is what we get. hurm. the best things is i almost break, sad looking at my family. i cant help them as they have help me. i even have to postponed my lil sis's bday gift. hurm Why god? I know i did a lot of things that you did not keen but dont punish me like this. I dont have the guts to tell my families. they had been supporting me and they dont aspect me to quit. Sigh its a hard decision. I hope miracle will come and visit me and lash her magical whip and give me some magic. Please! Please Help Me. I know its not the time to quit, god give me something to drive me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have You Found ME?

1 week has past and 3more weeks to go :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Singapore With Love

I was suppose to follow Khottal to thier 1st international show which is Mosaic music festival in Singapore onMonday 15th March 2010. But because of my busyness an last minute planning I decided to go with Zul, Sue & Belut from Envelove Distro. I walked to Puduraya, buy a one way tix to Singapore and rode the bus for 5hours. It was tiring as I was unable to sleep the night before. Its sleeping time all the way in the bus till the border.

Just arrive at Beach road and heading to HajiLane/Arab St to find some food and meet some friends there.

There's a cool artwork along Haji Lane. Well it is quite a hangout spot for Teenagers here in Singapore. Most of the indie and streetwear are here.

I saw this street and we took few photos here. Damn I love to take pics here. Felt like im somewhere in Europe

We went to Sup Clothing shop in Haji Lane. Jacky the owner was so generous to have us as his guest. We talked about clothing, events etc. He's doing a tri-nation fixie ride in May. Wow thats cool. He also gave us some freebies. Got a replica New Balance shoes. To scale model :P Thanks Jacky. Sorry we cant stay untill your party. Will try next time.

At esplanade, With Mossaic. Damn I wish Malaysia could do this kinda event. Istana Budaya Maybe?

Updating my skills on Air Guitar :P

So sad, I had to leave Singapore at 12am the next day, Budget was killing me. I hope I can stay a bit longer or maybe go sight seeing at Jurong and Sentosa. Or maybe wait for Universal Studios to launch first. Thats a good idea. Well Thats a unplanned and short trip again. Hope I can see beaches in few weeks time.....Cross my fingers

Friday, March 12, 2010

East Cost Road Trip

It was unplanned and we just head down to east cost to met my boutique agent, The Drugbuddy guys down in Kuantan and visit some places, to look for possible shop location. We just pack and drove to heading east cost. Lets the picture do the talking
Our first pitstop. LPT entrance. 3 happy fat boys :P

Padang Makhota I think. Just when we reach Kuantan.

Looking for feasible shops at Kompleks Teruntum
Tojeng & rhona from The Drugbuddy braught us at Telok Chempedak

Iqbal Joined us for Dinner in TC

It was almost 1am when we reached Cherating, It was dark and we were lost untill Kemaman

The tide was not on our side. Sigh

The white sandy beach amazed me...

Our chalet by the beach. Awesome scenery

On our way back, we decided to make a quick stop at Bukit Tinggi. We glad we made this stop

Looking tough?

I was in france?

The swan are gracefully in the pond

Overall view of the resort

Spot me :P

What d time?

Walking to the Japanese Tea Garden. It was beautiful rainforest and the air is calmly and chill

Trying to be E-Honda

Thats 300 calories burned


This is d end. Damn. I wish this trip would never ends. I really need a vacation. A proper one. Not the rush one. Ohh Redang. I miss you baby.