Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What If I never met you?

You came at the right mommment just to make myself ease. You came to mylife uninvited but I was happy. I thaught there is someone outthere who are not related to me in anyway but sincerely like me, or even care for me. You were very sweet, caring and i guess i lived in wonderland in a while. But you changed. Numerous unreplied sms's, And you stop contacting me. I was not like you aspected aite? Hahahhah its normal. Simply silent for sometime and today you show up acting like nothing happen. Like we were good friends. I was like, Hurm with the hectic with the store sorry if i kinda felt you were unwanted there. Well luck is not by my side anyway. Hahahahah well Im better off like this rather than "chasing rainbows after sunsets"

Please, I cant bear any false hope nemore....


Monday, August 30, 2010

People are happy but you? Stuck in myboxedlife

People are happy la fucker. Stop reminiscing and move forward. People arent waiting for you!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time is running out

Its almost the end of Ramadhan. The festive season is coming and everything seems not in tact. Damn why life can be so hard for me? Trobles been bashing me in da face for quite some time now. haih.....well that life aite. Just had a conversation with my parents. Im talking about life's problems. What my mom tell me, its not the end of the world. You must look for it and earned it with prayers and gratitude. Thats rarely done by me...maybe i shud be more of that. Looks like I'll be celebrating Eidulfitri with old clothes :P Somebody care to buy me Raya clothes??

11 Days to Raya....Finger crossed

p/s: Thinking of Futher my studies. Mass Comm or Management or Business Studies?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


God, I know i havent be good lately. I know I did let you down but please ease me with the punishment. Its been hectic since Ramadhan. Gosh I guess I've been a really really bad boy. Sigh

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You are one of my regretion this year. I was to keen on what the others will say. I should have more self esteem. More confidence to say out loud what my heart wants me to say. I shouldn't be to shy. Crap! That life. Sitting here regretting the past ain't gonna make me moving, Shit i've a meeting but yet I cant sleep. Sigh this is the part my brother always say "You think too much"

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Its been a full week since I was down with this sickness. I cant mobilize, my body try to shut down and this flu is killing me. been stuffing myself with actifed and uphamol but it kinda dont really work. My mom asked me to try an alternative meds for sinus but hurm im afraid and im trying not burden you again. Enough with my loser life, i dont wanna mess up you guys with my long sickness. As im writing this,I just finish a 6 hour Mercy marathon. Damn, i didnt know i can last this long. I guess the story did help me to realize that sometimes life can be hard and you cant always get what you want. Sigh... atleast it helps me through the day, rather than sleeping the whole day or wake up to realize how lonely am I. Sigh I even taught last night, if I were ever died, who will be at my funeral. How has I been lately. Will the earth accept my body? Or will i be another humiliation or simply will I die lonely and unattended. Fuck! screw all this. I need to continue with my life and work. Screw everthing else! REBOUNCE

p/s: Thanks Mama & Papa for taking care of me.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Happy Eid Mubarak. I hope my Ramadhan is joyous and blessed. Anyway i"ll kept being gratified with all "he" had given me. Im still here standing tall as all the hard waves kept on bashing me. Alhamdulilah!

Monday, August 9, 2010

To the court again

Hello Maam, Well you kinda be bored with my face well im also surely I dont want to be here in court. Tomorrow 10am, again the same thing. Same procedure and same problems. Im fucking bored of this life. Im like in the verge of wacking up some people. Fuck. I hate monday, sure everyday is not Sunday, but gimme some break will ya. Im keeping up. So lend me some space will ya.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Broken Social Scene - Meet Me In The Basement

What you do when you are confused, all your body ache and all the misery of the past kept on trembling in your door step. I dontknow but rather somehow this music ease me and kept me from sleeping as result from early this morning. I dont reckon riots because it makes everyone else suffer but sometimes you have to make a stance. Theres other way to express your feelings but this manner always gets fast result yet the devastation inured are unbelievable.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Istana Impian

I was cutting some fresh mangoes for my breakfast when suddenly my father joined me and said, do want to know some funny stories. I was like; yeah what is it about?

Here are the sequence:

Phone: Kring Kring
Father: Hello
Girl X: Hello, ini Istana Impian ke?
Father: Bukan, ini istana di syurga. Awak bidadari ker?
Girl X: Owh sorry
Phone: Kring Kring
Girl X: Istana Impian?
Father: Istana Syurga!
Phone: Tuuuutttttttt tuuuutttt
Phone: Kringgg Kringgg
Father: Hello
Girl X: Tuut (phone smash)

Hahahhahah you sure know how to make fun of people Papa....Cant stop laughing!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Verge

What shall i Do? I love you too much. You've been all my blood and sweat. My baby...Sigh

(Close or Sell?)