Monday, November 30, 2009

Ultimate test

Well i guess Its true what me & my brother discuss about ourselves. Our kindness is our best enemies. We tend to be kind hearted and somehow people step on our head. its like helping people but what you get is gettin thrown shit at your face. Aku pon xtau kenapa aku sanggup lakukan semua itu, walhal kadang2 aku pikir ape yg aku sumbangkan kt parents aku pon xsebaik tue. tah la aku tend nk spend anything. setiap langkah aku, aku akan teringat die even kadang2 end up aku xbuat ape2 utk diri aku sendiri. But i wonder what will happen when the true colours emerge? can I handle It? Aku xnk jadi mcm abg aku, tah kdg2 kesian gak. dah gila2 contribute and try to make it happen tetiba....bang something came up and die nyesal (xtau la sesal ke x) tp mcm dah tawar hati. Hurm kadang2 aku pikir we must look for some1 that really appreciates us, care for us and the most importnt thing is respect our families. I hope my friends do appreciate me esspecially the ones that are very near to me. I kinda envy looking at ppls pic in fb they went out celebrating thier friends bday or something. that is something i need to cherish nowdays. i felt like my life is empty. Regardless of what I achive, surely Im proud of it. The other part of me just want to be loved and take care as I loved and cared about my friends. Thats why I put myself for an ultimate challenge early next year. If turn up like the other years then Well I have to put a full stop in my life and move on. (Finger crossed)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being FOOLED Again

I react as like I always do and I dont realize im being fooled! What a NAIVE you. Shit! I felt like adrenalin pumping in my chest but I cant move. Its just like keeping me awake while Im paralysed and my body is anciously vibrating to move but I cant!!!!!!. ARRGHHHHHHHHHH I dont like this feeling. Seriously. I shud have just barge there . I shud have not return back when Im almost there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday roadtrip

I taught i wanna have some rest in this lovely sunday. but i guess i cant. Mama kejut kol 10. damn aku tdo subuh td kot. Mama told me shes going back to Kg. I guess i havent been there quite a time. So aku nie on la FB, hahhahasempat g sebelom mandi. check2 sikit dan teros mandi. Roadtrip kali nie agak ok. slow n steady sbb bawak parents aku. tp aku belasah gak avanza bapak aku sampai bapak aku dok marah2 pasal speed limit. I was picking up my sis from his college. Last paper till 5pm but I arrive at 1230. hahahah mama xsabar nk jumpe anak kesayangan die, aku lepak chill lunch di kfc alor gajah sebelom balik kg. masuk2 rumah pusaka damn ketenangan. aku teros masuk umh auntie aku dan layan baring2. Kebetulan selapas 2 hujan. Damn its tranqulity. I had a quick nap and mama woke up and said she made a hot tea for us and toast with a homemad kaya. My aunty made it for us. Damn it was nice. After 5pm, went to uitm lendu to pick my sis and we head home. but otw aku tanya mama, xsinggah umh mak teh? she just did her kemo, for her cancer. so kitaorg decide singgah umh mak teh. Sampai2 dah magrib. Mama n papa singgah solat. Kesian mak teh, semua rambut gugur, dah lemah. sakit2 sendi katanya. haih......kami lepak kejap je. dah malam. Tiba2 atas highway boleh lak jam. and our fuel is running low. Damn kena singgah nilai cari petrol pump. Then we went striaght home. Its a bit tiring but we had blast. Ive been so busy and didnt have the time to talk and minggle with em. and I got a good news also. Mama approved! hahahhahahah Hoyeh!!!!!!!!! Im happy. Hopefully my wish will be granted!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im sugar high

Yesterday was hectic. I travelled a lot. Hahahha since it was my aunty's car. I jammed it like it was mine. I went to jalan kenanga to buy some stuff at my ol fav store.Kak ruth's At the top Mannequin. Hahahaha yesterday was the first time i caught a parking spot. We was lucky yeah......Been here for ages the best i got i double park beside the owner's mercy or lorry. I had a site meeting at pavilion. The pavilion owner wanted a new design for his videowall. dangggggg shit it goes more bigger than what we aspected. After a brief review to my designer and engineer ( they had a lot of work to do hahahahahhaha) We hang up for a tea at Pakcik Cafe ringht below Central Plaza. Its the spot for workers at pavilion to hang out. Then we had a call from a friend. His fiancée just landed from the states and we went to meet em with happy face hoping to get Chocolate!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA and lucky there was a lot of Helloween party packs for us. We ate like shit and my brother got punked with a jaw breaker hahahahhahahahha. (Read the labels before u ate anything k friends) Then we hang out at william PJ, Had a tripple H summore. Damn my weight is killing me. Then I head back to my lovely shop to do some renovations. Faezal came back to give us some good news and Danger Disko you would be our new family :P. We I reach home as usual, FBing is a must. Then i decided to read Shifty Mag, there's a review about Badger in it and put up my reading lamp while tucking in my bed.
the last thing i notice, my brother woke me up asking for my HP.....shit I was snoring like a pig on the second page reading .......ZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZZZ


hye all, I'm new in blogging. Do teach me and say hello....