Monday, April 19, 2010

Move on Fucker

Fuck you, damn you. Just move the fuck off. Quit living in the past!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Expensive Experience

Few weeks back was quite distinguish for me. I had a lot to work on but yet,hurm i delayed and kind side tracked for a while. I got a lot of review to do, theres a review for ROTTW i havent started and i need to get all the things requested by a journalist for my media relation done. and im quite not start. (well i did finish my Badger newsletter but its lost cause the computer got formatted) what a bad week huh. I need a graphic desinger pls! hurm anyone wanna lend me a hand? I dont know, maybe its true what my best friend said, "You think too much, and you makes things complicated" Well that what I do best, THINK. I think of things happen parallel with my life. What happen with my surroundings. What happen with my so called "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" I dont wanna regret things or reminiscing of all stories, but of all the partners I wanted to dive into business kinda sux. Starte with Miss M, the paranoid conwomen. And now It Miss K. Well Miss K was not like con or something but she kinda like snobby little princess, when you were stuck with no jobs and depressed, we were the shoulder to cry, we were the best friends and we would do whatever it takes to be friends. but now, when shes got a steady job, she was like hurm The one who promise to much but cant even kept her words. Its just like 20mins away!!! well im not that urging for what she has promised but Im was very sad of how she treated my brother. he would help anyone. being good, waking up early in the morning and sent her to the interviews, entertaining her, be the good listener etc. but yet, what did he got? Deleted from FB and she cant even buy him a drink on her first paycheck. That freaking pathetic. I cant helping notice the frustration of him. He did not show it, but yet deep down, HE IS. Whenever i braught up this matter he would say "Our worst weakness is our kindness". and "Its an expensive experience". Thats what happen in this few weeks. And what my brother said, come on man, you were treated far more worse before and you were mad at them because of leaving you behind to go to I-City?? You gotta be kidding me! (P/s: there were severall more broken promises) Well i dont like to be treated like a fool. You know, the kinda peeps who waited and hoping while others left them behind. I felt like a fool, damn stupid! Period. And this month am done being FOOLED! Prompt!

Nahhh lets stop babbling and get to work!!!!!! Theres a lot of studies to be made!

How I wish I was like this aunty, eager to get to her vacation spot, shopping etc!

When Can I see this again?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


How am I going to do about this. It doesnt contribute anything and yet giving more bourdon to the us. It makes us felt unhappy and.........Damn its a hard decision

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Left Out Again

Well I guess I was ditch out again friends. Maybe my life is my work and my passion. I told you guys earlier, you guys would forget about me. And no matter how many times you guys asked me. At the end I would be the one left out here hoping you guys to call pathetic am I?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ethics Vs Needs

Well, sometimes in life you do what you have to do. Sometimes jeopardizing a bit your ethics. Its not business ethics or work ethics. But its more towards how I look. Hurm actually its not how I look. Its kinda not want things to be overrated. But in life, I did learn something. you can be rebellious. but you cant be rebel without a cause. Hurm theres an issue, Badger been worn by 2,3 AF celebrities. And theres rumours saying that Badger has gone mainstream. Badger is overrated and even better. This so called "indie" and "ethics" group wont wear Badger coz its kinda overrated. But when it comes to TOPSHOP or ZARRA they wont mind. Hurm I never endorsed those guys, they have been a good friend by supporting us buying our products. I met them first at Balai Berita, NST. It was a photoshoot by Juan and Juan asked us to handle the wardrobe. They really like our products and till now they have been a great friends and customer. More likely, Its because the quality of fabrics and merchandise. Sometimes people dont think how hard is it for me to make a branding. i would like to be sucessful like DNP Clothing or Melium Group that brings all the big brands in Malaysia. Sometimes people dont even think how hard is it for me to survive among the big fish in the fashion industry. Lucky me I got few friends that has always want to help me. Guide me through the winding road of entertainment and fashion industry. Moreover its hard for me, with no fashion background or any art studies related. But Im determined to this although I did graduated in Quantity Surveying. Construction line. I do struggle but Lucky me, I got my families on my back. They have been supporting me all this while. Hurm "You do what you have to do" right?