Monday, February 21, 2011


Here's another thing. If a guy have a crush on a girl and she knows it. Its a heart breaking when she called him with the alias; BRO! its like i'm old or im your best friend. Damn. Its the second time it happen and i felt yuckie. This is how it happen (Influenced by How I Met Your Mother)

Theres an interview of me on Kosmo! yesterday. I didnt notice it untill a friend of mine tag the photo of the article at my fb. Its quite a honor for me to be review in Malaysian most readable newspaper. Then on dawn a bbm came in

She send a pic of the article with the caption " :congrats bro!"

I was like "Owh thanks :)"

She replied " Proud of you!"

And ya da ya da crappy hitting line of mine (Opppsss) went on till my bb batt drained out.

Sigh looks like I have face the fact shes my past crush.... Well didnt get her anything for her bday also. I was quite tide up actually on the day. Was thingking of sending her something but when this incident happen I was like HURMMMMM......


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kerna dikau, daku merana!

Knowing you i got an opportunity. But being friend with you makes me lost a chance of a life time. Attach to you make me devastated. I wish I had never say Hi to you in myspace. I hope we have never met. Seriously I do. I dont know how can I ever forgive you. Sigh!

Monday, February 7, 2011