Sunday, February 28, 2010

Im fat and im loving it

Hurm i guess im fat. thats a fact. but what r u in u are not an "eater" if you are a malaysian. Fusion. Thats the real Malaysia. Ethnicity, races and society have blend ourself in being 1malaysia. Malaysia for all. And the best part of it, FOOD! Malaysian can be a food heaven for all. We are not only rich with cultures but i can say our food is super duper gorgeous :P Enough said, its more kalories than what Sarimah (Asia's Biggest Loser VJ) would ever spell out but hell yeah. It is more sweeter than her juicy lips LoL. Here few of the examples.

I was craving for this restaurant for quite sometime. I was not lucky the last time because of the long chinese new year break. Onnie was telling us, u shud try the black pepper beef and butter prawn. And it was great. and the portion, I could say it was humongous. Tasty and value added. This Chinese style seafood at Sri Damansara do blew me off the chart. I was sweating like a pig while enjoying my meal. To eaze off things, the garlic fried vege do balance things up. Yummy! I cant forget the smile in my parents face. If they said its tasty and value added, then my mission is accomplish. Unlucky for my lil sister she was not there. Next time k sis. Will endevour the journey again!
To top up things up. We decided to try the 3 taste seabass. Wow, it was spicy but delicious. To spice things up. Abang decided to order fried chilly squid. It was like eating under the dessert sun. Spicy yet I cant stop munching :P

To cool things down, We decide to head to our fav ice cream parlor (LOL). Baskin robins our choice with me likey double scoop World Class Chocolateyyyy. Its was a wonderful dessert and it does cool me down.

Then me & abang decide to go to Efek Rumah Kaca's concert. We had fun meeting with old friends and promoting Luca De Ketiak new book I ♥ Gondol. While eying on this lovely gal sitting on the corner and kinda doing her own thing. I Was like, hurm going to her and "Hye Im Bob, mind me sitting by yourside?" But in reality, I do suck in pickup lines Ha ha ha...

Then we decided to go for our late supper in Jalan Doraisamy. They are very popular for Sup Haji Abu. Mamak style soup with a variety of ingredients. decide to go for my fav, Sup perut. Wow weeeeee thats what I call a closure for the day. Duper duper delicous. I didnt ate the nasi lemak coz im full of seafood, but Limi and abang was eating like breaking fast or something. We miss the famous rojak sotong as we are fully occupied but hehe the otak2 was good also. Not as good as otak-otak kempas but will do.

then we headed back and dang, our car was serve! police was envy we park along the road. lets sing Fuck The Police!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Five goin down, two left standing

I anticapted something would gone wrong while this so called V day would over. I wish her around 130 am on my way back from Seri manjung. But I guess shes sticking on her home alone strike. Nahhh its her choice. well im kinda just another guy i guess. arrive at home around 3am, got straight to bed. but at 10am, i was awake. i dunno why. so i decide to watch some tvs. Its all about romance and V day. damn this things got me wired as depressed. I tex her, lets go out. im so over this movies. she didn reply. what a waste (i knoe se wont). then come another tex msg. its my x. wishing me happy vday and some pointing fingers lines as i was d one making her unhappy and down this few month, damn have you ever sat down and think of all your behaviour that make me change against how i felt before. i was being quite nice being a friend but at the end i was d1 thrown shit at my face again and again. who deleted who in d 1st place? who deleted who the 2nd time. it was you. you are so self centered as you cant see me being happy is it? Damn. Lucky the was a calling. My old and best fren, Pie tex me and ask me to hangout. we decided to go to Alam Sentral. A lame but yet we havent spent time in Shah alam quite a time, we talked catch up and even discuss on our daily life happenigs music motorcycles and cars. its been quite a time since i did that. hahahah im an anti social kid now i guess hahahahahah5@6 hours with few glasses of water did make my bladder wanna burst hahahah but its good since i havent talked with him quite a time. he told me few ew facts too.....jaki jpang just got engaged. hahahhahah looks like the "6 jahanam" team gonna be all family guy soon without me in the list. Pie also getting engaged this April, damn i envy them. steady jobs, and steady relatioships. Here are the list:

1. Awir - Taken with 1 lovely daughter
2.Pok Mad - Taken with 1 Son
3. Tok Mad - Just Married
4. Jaki Jpang - Engaged
5.Pie - Soon to be engaged (April I love you)
6. Pok Po - M.I.A (Although he live behind my house lol)
7. ME - No Direction

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Over Her Damn You

Hurm, with this workload, mama's condition and even things that happen lately at the store, i manage to stop thinking of her. Thats what I told my exgf, how to get over me. get urself bz. Irony isnt. Hahahah karma haunting me. I guess im better have lotsa bestfriend rather than i loose some1 that i really love. My x did it again. hurm she deleted me from her friendliest, again!. i guess she cant get over me. b4 she did that, she did sms things. and i had to say something i guess a bit harsh. well if that it have to take then i have to do it. its for her good sake. maybe i might be doing the same thing with Miss X, so that i can totally get over her, hurm. Probably thats to drastic. But i tried to restraint myself from contacting her, maybe asked how she is doing once a week. Just to check on her well being. So that i dont feel to attach. (The truth is every msg came in, i always hope it was her). Hurm, nvm let it be, i cant force her to love me the way i do.........................

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thanks Abg!

Me and Faezal went down to meet abg rom, a long last and good friend. More to a father to me. Always concern on my wellbeings n health. Went down to his place and he was there happier to see us. we came with some gift for he and his sons. Its quite a time since we met, he always asked me to come over whenever he saw my emotional status on fb. Well this time faezal also wanted to invite him over for his wedding this weekend. We talk, about the latest happenings and info. share about problems and he always share his experience with us. "You shud not make the problems as an excuse. You shud move foward. Keep on pumping" He said. Dont back off. Thats your brand, you brought it up. Its ur legacy. Protect it. I have been in this industry for 20 years and I have been through enough. But you yourself must be strong. You must tame the conflict within yourself first and a better you will result to better things. Damn I was inspired. I hope this move me more towards my goals in 2010. Lets roll mothafucka