Thursday, July 14, 2011

Depress Friday

Hello July. You have never stop pounding me like a punching bag. What a month. If felt like th longest and bumpy ride in my life. Yesterday I hang out with her. I spend most of the time at the shop with her (she had things to do) after that we had dinner with azra's friends. They were like teasing us like we were couple. And frankly she looked quite surprise. After sending her back, I decided to bbm her. I'm eager to tell her that i love her but i felt something wrong. I can feel some bad aura. But out of nowhere, I had the courage to tell her that i admire her and i in love with her (although i know she has been close to someone) but i need to let her know. And again the same thing happen. She is in dilemma and frankly I guess I would be the second option. Haha life. You aint gonna be easy on me eyy. I just wish i never had done it. Now i Feel awkward and i felt that im a loser. Now i cant face her and from now on, I"ll be making excuses to be a part of you. And the best thing is you"ll be dating him at Urbanscapes and I would be there all the time. Sigh!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Again, the same thing happen

AIR: Can I ask you a Question, Very honest answer please.
Me: Yeah
AIR: DO you think a guy could fall me because of the way I look?
Me: Yeah. Why?
AIR: Im fat and my skin is terrible, thats why :(
AIR: Well you're a friend. Its different than a potential bf (I could see my heart fall into pieces)
AIR: Blehh if theres really that person outthere he will tell me, not keep me wondering. No Its
just that im getting to know this guy and am afraid he might not like how i look now.

Hello world, I taught you were like abit mellow with me. But sadly you have beaten my heart again and again. I dunno if i could ever take this shit anymore. Here I am again, writing the same shit I have written before. How I would love a girl, and she just consider me as a friend. More over, now she's being attach with somebody. I was devastated. Seriously i am. The reason is i didnt come clean. I knew you for just few weeks, doesnt it feek weird just to confess? Why do you think i kept on making excuses just to meet you, all those proposal etc. Dont u think i could do it my self. Damn. Maybe I'll always be the Pet Brother type. This is Karma, I knew it........