Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Its 8 days till D-Day

Fuck its just one more week till D-Day. Thats what kept me thinking all this week. what have i achieve in this world. What have i done to my life, my family and my friends. Moreover what have i achieve for myself the past 27 years. Demmit. I dont want birthdays! I wanna be young forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Joyous mother

I was killing the time, as the minutes rush through. We had an important thing to settle at 9 pm and i was very nervous. Its one of the reason to bounce back in 2011. I had to do it. I sat down, had my bath and suddenly I remembered. I had not bow down to the almighty quite some time. Maybe thats the reason life has been so hard last few month. Took my wudhu' and set my prayers. by the time i was finish, mama knock on my door. Me with my sarong and she was like "WTH! My son is praying! Alhamdulillah" I never seen more joyous moment in her life as she was like telling everybody in d house. Sigh I have been not only a bad servant also a bad son. I hope these moments can continue. Amin

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Year Resolution

I was down at Ikea waiting for my parents and lil sister finish window shopping. Its quite some time since they come here. Papa kinda dont like driving to a hectic place. Hes will soon fed up, I took the liberty to be thier guide. I cant sleep doe the pas few days. All my body ache like shit. I let them scroll down the super pack ikea and i sat down the cafe drinking coffee like hell (well its free refill). After that we had lunch. As we were making small talks, I told my family my new year resolution. It just pop out of my mouth. "I wanna go for a euro trip next year" the magic words came out. My parents was like " Do send me to Makkah if you have the means" I said "Insyaallah but somehow i need to do this before i settledown. Mama was encouraging me. Settle all your business problems and put up some money for it, its good for you exploring new grounds. new experience. I need to work more hard. This burdon would not be lifted so easy. But I must try. Dear god, give me the strength and support to face 2011. Amin