Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emphaty of darkness inspired by Hurts - Illuminated

This is my latest obsession. Since they are coming down to KL, I cant stop listening to this song. Its gloomy yet inspiring. The song reminds me of a this;

"Seems there’s no sunlight for tomorrow……But I was wrong……There’s a sparkling of light….Penetrate through the darkness of my boxed life……..A gleam of light…..Emerge to drawn me out…….From the world of sorrow ness….."


Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey you, I was depress over life lately. Then I need some info and went to the Cyber cafe (So lame aite)..i was looking over the pictures for my proposal and suddenly a fb comment was posted on my wall. "Hey you :)" I was like exited. We was caught up with something when we last chat. But manage to exchage skype acc. I rushly put on the webcam and signing in skype. There you were. Chatting for a while and decided to video call you. there was no mic on. I could see you and hear you. You were gigiling and typing so fast. we went for hours I think. You would speak up and i had to type. You said "Why are you smiling" I was like, a bit embarrassed but reply i love to smile but actually I smile as I love watching you. You would do the normal thing you do like im not there and I like it as you are not faking. I smile over you and your oversize pink cotton on way fearer. Sigh but I dont know if I hve the guts to say I like you. You are an x-model, a surfer, a diver and so gonna be a stewardess. And Im here just a lonely loser.

U tell me a story ofm you everytime you post a note. The latest one is, that you have fall for a guy. And you guys are medly inlove. Hurm there again, me in my own imagination. I guess I fall for someone easily and people tend to treat me like a pet brother. Sigh. It sure is a plus to have someone supporting you rite now and I guess "How to pickup girls for dummies" for me.