Monday, August 8, 2011

Its time for ?

These few years back has been very challenging to me and my family, something bad happens and it kept on coming. Its being hammered few times without any courtesy. I sat down with a friend, asked him, why am I t treated like this. I think i have been good to people. Sigh. What he said just awaken me from my day dreaming. All this challenge is bestow upon you guys for a reason. Its because that Allah is looking up for you. HE has given you wealth and maybe you guys will forget about HIM. that's why he kept giving all this challenge just to make sure that you remembered him and always be in moderation. you guys are lucky to have HIS attention. It made me thinking.... yeah maybe I havent been a good servant to HIM. Maybe im easily distracted. Hopefully things could change....trying to be a better man. maybe after that HE would granted me a good partner in life (AMIN).

"To be loved,you have to love"

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